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Terms and Sales Conditions

Terms and Conditions for E-Commerce Sales


The RICOH IMAGING EUROPE S.A.S Company (“PENTAX RICOH”) imports and distributes photographic cameras, accessories for photography and optical equipment marketed under the “Pentax” and “Ricoh” brands.
PENTAX RICOH wishes to provide some of its products via the internet under these terms and conditions.
The goods offered for sale via the internet by PENTAX RICOH (the “Products”) may be viewed at the internet site http://shop-ie.ricoh-imaging.eu/ (the “Website”).
These terms and conditions comply fully with all applicable laws and, in particular, the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (the “2000 Regulations”).
These terms and conditions apply only to Consumers (as defined in the 2000 Regulations) and it is a condition of this contract that customers must not purchase the Products for the purposes of further retail or any purpose other than personal use.

Clause 1: Scope

These terms and conditions apply to all sales of the Products made via the Website for delivery in the United Kingdom.
The customer represents that s/he has read and considered these terms and conditions before placing his/her order for the Products. Confirmation of an order is therefore the conclusion of the contract on these general terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions may be stored by any person visiting the Website by means of electronic storage and may also be reproduced by the customer by printing them.
These terms and conditions shall apply for as long as they are displayed on the Website. They may be amended from time to time. Where they are amended, the applicable terms and conditions are those displayed on the Website at the time the order is placed via the Website.
Where these terms and conditions are removed from the Website but remain accessible via any other means (including any internet sites), they shall not be applicable to PENTAX RICOH and it shall not be bound by them.

Clause 2: Identity of the supplier

listed in the Créteil Trade and Companies Register under No. B 519 989 420
Head office: Parc Tertiaire SILIC
7-9 avenue Robert Schuman
B.P. 70102
Telephone: 01 58 42 17 00
EU VAT No. FR 13 519 989 420

Clause 3: Information regarding the Products

Information regarding the Products is available on the Website.
In particular, the information required by Regulation 7 of the Regulations is provided on the Website
Photographs, graphics, reproductions and descriptions of the Products on the Website are provided for information purposes only and do not form an offer. Substitutions of equivalent quality and price may be made where Products are not available. Customers may obtain additional information by contacting PENTAX RICOH via via the contact form.

Clause 4: Orders

4.1 Orders via the internet

Orders for Products are placed via the Website. The customer shall remain liable for telecommunications costs to access the internet and use the Website.
In order to purchase a Product when ordering for the first time, the customer must create a customer account and complete an order form in which specific fields are mandatory to ensure that the customer’s selection is considered by PENTAX RICOH.
In the event of prolonged inactivity by a customer after connection to the Website, it is possible that any Products selected by the customer before activity lapsed are no longer available. The customer will then be invited to reselect Products.
In accordance with Regulation 9 of the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 (the “2002 Regulations”), all the requisite steps for sale (and all other information required by the 2002 Regulations) are stipulated in the Website.
In accordance with Regulation 9 of the 2002 Regulations, the customer has the possibility before confirming his or her order to check the details of the order, its overall price and to correct any mistakes before confirming the order and completing the contract on these terms and conditions.
As soon as the customer has confirmed his or her order, PENTAX RICOH shall acknowledge receipt of the order without undue delay and via e-mail, in accordance with Regulation 11 of the 2002 Regulations.

4.2 Order rejection

PENTAX RICOH is entitled to reject any order from any customer or person without reason.

Clause 5: Prices

Prices for products are stated in GBP and inclusive of all taxes.
VAT is applied at the rate in effect when the order was placed. The price of Products stated on the Website does not include shipment and delivery costs, costs of specific packaging or the price of any optional services taken by the customer, which shall be invoiced in addition. Any such charges shall be clearly stated prior to confirmation of the order by the customer on the Website.

Clause 6: Terms of payment

Payment for purchases made via the Website must be by bank card or PAYPAL only.
The following cards are accepted: Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.
PENTAX RICOH guarantees payment by bank card using the SSL 128-bit encryption system and by use of the OGONE company to process payments.
The customer’s bank card shall be debited when the ordered Product is despatched by PENTAX RICOH.
The customer accordingly warrants that when placing an order via the Internet that s/he is the legitimate bearer of the bank card used to purchase any Products. PENTAX RICOH undertakes to keep any information regarding bank details it receives from a customer strictly confidential.
In the event that for any reason whatsoever (cancelled card, rejection by the issue centre, etc.), the amounts payable by the customer cannot be debited, the purchasing process shall be cancelled and the contract shall not be completed.
PENTAX RICOH reserves the right to introduce fraud control procedures, intended to make customer transactions more secure. In such an event, PENTAX RICOH shall be entitled to ask a customer to provide one or more items of proof of domicile and/or identity by e-mail or by fax before as a condition of completing the contract.
In that event, the order shall be final only upon receipt by PENTAX RICOH of these documents. If said documents are not received or do not identify the customer to the satisfaction of PENTAX RICOH, PENTAX RICOH reserves the right not to accept the order and shall not be held liable for its non-acceptance in any way whatsoever.
PENTAX RICOH retains full ownership of the Products purchased by a customer until the said customer has fulfilled all his or her obligations under these terms and conditions in full and, in particular, payment in full of the price plus interest where applicable has been made.

Clause 7: Delivery

Delivery of items shall take place at the delivery address provided by the customer in the order process on the Website.
In the event that the customer has indicated an erroneous or incomplete address which makes delivery of the Products impossible, no refund shall be made. The customer shall be contacted for a new address and the Products shall be shipped again at the further expense of the customer unless the customer does not wish the Products to be shipped again.
The customer may obtain real-time information regarding delivery progress for his/her order via the website of the shipper, details of which will be provided upon release of the shipment in accordance with the terms stipulated in clause 4.1.
- In the event that the package upon delivery appears damaged, the customer shall open the package in the presence of the shipper to verify the condition of the Product inside. In the event of damage to the Product, the customer shall detail such damage accurately on the delivery form, with the provisions stipulated in clause 9 of these terms and conditions also being applicable.

Clause 8: Cancellation rights and return of products

PENTAX RICOH grants the customer a period to cancel his or her order, for whatever reason and at no cost, of fourteen (14) calendar days with effect from the date of receipt of the order.
- In such an event, the customer can enter a return shipment request on the Website and shall receive a return label from PENTAX RICOH. The customer must return the delivered items in their original packaging in full (including accessories and user instructions, etc.), attaching the return label to the package and sending it to the address stated on the return label.
- The customer shall be responsible for ensuring proof of the said return which generally requires return by registered delivery or by any other means with a specified and confirmed date.
Returned Products which are incomplete, spoiled, damaged, deteriorated or marked in any way by the customer shall not be reimbursed.

Clause 9: Compliance – Warranty

PENTAX RICOH is bound to ensure that the Products are of satisfactory quality, pursuant to the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (the “1982 Act”).
- Should delivered Products not be satisfactory in accordance with the 1982 Act, the customer must send an electronic mail to the Customer Relations Department at PENTAX RICOH via the contact form informing them that the Product is not satisfactory and why as quickly as possible. The PENTAX RICOH Customer Relations department shall acknowledge receipt to the customer and confirm the procedure to apply. Upon receipt of instructions from the PENTAX RICOH Customer Relations department, the customer shall return unsatisfactory Products to PENTAX RICOH at the address stated on the return label.
If a Product is not satisfactory, PENTAX RICOH shall at the customer’s decision:
 Either ensure reimbursement for that product to be paid to the bank account debited when placing the order within thirty (30) days of receipt of the said Product
 Or exchange the Product at the request of the customer. The cost of shipment of the Product to the customer shall be met by PENTAX RICOH and shall be ensured under these terms and conditions.

Clause 10: Complaints – Information

For information, complaints or questions concerning the terms and conditions of e-commerce sales implemented by PENTAX RICOH or the items themselves, customers are required to contact the Customer Relations department of PENTAX RICOH at the following number 00 33 (0)1 7301 8464 (local call charges apply) or by e-mail via the contact form citing the order number.

Clause 11: Data processing – protection of privacy

PENTAX RICOH shall file personal data concerning its customers, which is necessary for the management of orders and deliveries. For all orders placed via the Website by all new customers, the database is updated with information concerning them in order to fulfil their orders and facilitate assistance services provided by the Customer Relations department.
PENTAX RICOH is registered with the Information Commissioner. The database has been registered with the Commission Nationale de L'Informatique et des Libertés in France under number 1661201 v.0, in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the French Electronic Data Processing and Privacy [“Informatique et libertés”] law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978, amended.
The customer may exercise his or her individual right of access, rectification and deletion of personal data concerning him/her pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the French Electronic Data Processing and Privacy [“Informatique et libertés”] law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978, amended by sending an e-mail via the contact form.

Furthermore, we hereby inform you, in connection with your order, of the use of the "Fraud Expert" solution in addition to the processing of card not present payments. Your personal data is processed by Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions SPRL being the controller, for the purpose of preventing and combating fraud (determining risk levels associated with transactions, detecting and managing any resulting alerts, informing merchants to allow them to take decisions, "human" reviews of transactions with a specified level of risk, modelling of the score).

The collection of certain of your personal data is a mandatory requirement for this purpose. Without this data, your transaction could be delayed or rendered impossible and your order cancelled.

This data is intended for the authorised departments of the Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions entities involved in such processing, and for the merchant, as well as for any third party whose involvement is required to ensure the smooth operation of the payment process and the functioning of the services offered.

Furthermore, a fraud may give rise to the recording of certain personal data relating to you in a dedicated file managed by Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions SPRL. The purpose of such file is to retain a trace of previous frauds, in particular to provide information for criteria used to evaluate transaction risks and the scoring templates used for this purpose. The recording of your data in this file may also lead to you being assigned a higher risk level in the event of any subsequent order placed with a merchant that is active in the same type of industry/sector and that is using the Fraud Expert solution, and consequently could potentially lead to the rejection of this order.

According to the provisions on the protection of personal data, you have the right with respect to the Fraud Expert solution to query, access and correct your data, as well as the right to object, for a legitimate reason, to this processing of your data. To exercise this right, you can send a letter to: Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions SPRL - Legal department "data protection" Boulevard de la Woluwe 102 – B-1200 Brussels (Belgium), or send an email to: privacy@ecom.ingenico.com, accompanied by a signed copy of proof of identity

Clause 12: Intellectual property rights

The “Pentax” and “Ricoh” brands and logos and those in general using these brands are protected by intellectual property law. The same applies to all distinctive signs belonging to the RICOH IMAGING group. Any and all duplication in part or in full, modification or usage of said brands or logos or in general of a distinctive sign belonging to the RICOH IMAGING group for any reason and in any medium whatsoever without prior formal approval by PENTAX RICOH are strictly prohibited. The same applies to any combination or addition with any other brand, symbol, logotype and in general any distinctive sign intended to create a composite logo.
The same shall apply to all copyright, drawings and models and patents, which are the property of the RICOH IMAGING group.

Clause 13: Acts of God

The implementation by PENTAX RICOH of all or parts of its undertakings shall be suspended by the occurrence of an act of God or contingency that may prevent or delay implementation.
The following shall be considered acts of God, with the list herein under not deemed limitative: war, riots, insurrection, labour unrest, strikes of all kinds and in particular strikes impacting transportation and supply difficulties incurred by PENTAX RICOH and the RICOH IMAGING group to which PENTAX RICOH belongs.
PENTAX RICOH shall inform the customer of such occurrences within seven days of their taking place. In the event that suspension continues for more than fifteen days, the customer shall then have the possibility of terminating the current order. Reimbursement according to the process stipulated in clause 9 shall then ensue.

Clause 14: Disputes – law in force

These terms and conditions of sale are regulated solely by English law.
Any dispute arising from the interpretation or implementation of these terms and conditions shall be referred solely to English courts.